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Questions that are bothering you?

The science of diagnosing and treating mental illness.
A psychiatrist is a doctor, who after completing MBBS, got a post-graduation degree in Psychiatry, having been trained in Psychopharmacology (psychiatric medications) and psychotherapy(counselling).
Anyone who is not in a healthy and happy state of mind. The problem may be something as simple as anxiety or as severe as psychosis.
Plenty of people go to work on a daily basis while on treatment. The treatment is tailored to suit the patient’s occupational need.
It is like taking regular medicines for High BP or Diabetes. The benefits outweigh the risks.
Using over-the-counter medications without patient’s knowledge is dangerous. And a patient who is not motivated often relapses in the long run.
There is no medication that can increase a child’s intelligence. But it is often possible to train the child to lead a productive life. Medications help in managing the anger outbursts, self-harming, seizures that may accompany the condition.
The answer is yes in most cases. But some medications need to be changed during pregnancy. You should consult a psychiatrist before planning a pregnancy.
Medications are usually continued for quite some time after the patient ‘apparently’ recovers, i.e, the symptoms are no longer visible. However the disease process in the brain is still there. If you stop medications abruptly, it will recur.