About Doctor Dr. Debasmita Dey

MBBS, MD(Psychiatry, CIP,Ranchi)
Life Member - Indian Psychiatric Society
Worked at NRS Medical College

Consistently rated as one of the best psychiatrist in Kolkata, Dr. Debasmita effortlessly combines expertise with compassion. An alumnus of the prestigious Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, she has thorough knowledge of both psychopharmacology (psychiatric medications) and counselling. Patients of all age and gender are instantly put at ease, regardless of the medium of consultation (online or in-person). Being one of the top psychiatrists in Kolkata makes her keep a busy schedule, but never at the cost of patient care. Patients report that they had the doctor’s undivided attention during the entire treatment session. She patiently listens to all their concerns, taking time to address each one of them. The doctor is a believer in patient empowerment and ensures that the patient and caregivers are part of every treatment decision. As a former patient recalls, it is a combination of flexible online appointment schedules and a non-judgmental attitude that makes her popular with the younger generation. She keeps the counselling sessions goal-directed, precise and time bound and the medications to a minimal, so that patients have absolutely no problem keeping their work schedules intact while on treatment. Women often recommend her as one of the best psychiatrist in Kolkata as they find her understanding and supportive to their specific needs. The doctor is a believer in home- based treatment and rehabilitation. Many former patients with addiction issues recovered under her care after several failed stints at rehabilitation centers. Couples suffering from sexual dysfunction have benefitted immensely from her treatment sessions. Families who have patients of chronic Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder or Dementia living with them finally have found ways to better manage their patients at home. As anxiety disorders, OCD and panic attacks are on the rise among millennials, there is a dedicated treatment section for such patients. At the end of the day, the doctor believes that therapy needs to be individualized for every patient, with the patient and caregivers’ full consent at every step. As former patients recall, it is this humane approach that makes her one of the best psychiatrists in Kolkata and Hooghly.

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Best Psychiatrist in Kolkata - Dr. Debasmita Dey

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Dr. Debasmita is one of the good psychiatrist in present days at Kolkata and indeed she is genuine person. She have enough patience to listen her patients and providing them a valuable psychiatric treatment. She is approachable at anytime, feel free to contact her when you need a psychological support or evaluation. An honest feedback!

Prioma Das

Very much understanding and helpful person... Under her treatment my father's condition is improving..

Sayantan Banerjee

Mam is the next god to me and my family. I had a problem of alcohol addiction for last 8-10 years and no doctor wasn't able to cure me! But mam has changed my life into a delightful one from excessive depression and alcoholism! I have no words to thank her! Its a miracle! But you have to have some strength from inside to say good bye to your addiction! Thnx! Long live mam!!

Souvik Nandy

Just visited her twice! And my Elder Brother is improving.. She listens to all the complaints carefully. Thanks doc!

Subhajit Roy

I am under medication which has helped me a lot and the advice given by her is helping to boost the confidence .Thank you Madam for your cooperation and support.

Nabanita Basu
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