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top counsellor and mental health therapist in Kolkata

Are you looking for counselling sessions for your mental health issues? Before you type top counsellor and mental health therapist in Kolkata into the search engine, be sure to go through this article.

For finding the top counsellor in Kolkata you need to have a clear idea about exactly what you are looking for. Counselling sessions are usually multiple. So, if you are looking for a one session wonder, chances are you will be disappointed. There is no magic mantra that the counsellor can recommend to solve all your problems, even if he/she is the top counsellor in Kolkata. You need show up for all sessions and follow the advice thoroughly.

What then, is the difference between counselling and therapy for mental health? Therapy, properly known as psychotherapy is more than just counselling. The therapist takes a detailed case history, comes up with a formulation based on which he/she chalks out a plan for psychotherapy that is most suitable for the client. The therapy is meant to retrain faulty brain circuits so that the root cause of illness is cured, once and for all. By now it must be obvious to the reader that even the top mental health therapist in Kolkata will not be able to do all that in one session. Also, therapy only works if the client does. Meaning, the therapist usually comes up with several home assignments for the client to practice between sessions. If the client neglects these assignments, there is no point in going for psychotherapy, even if you have the top counsellor and mental health therapist in Kolkata.

Before starting therapy, it is important to understand what you are signing up for. You need to show up for all sessions without fail. Therefore, if you have found yourself a therapist/counsellor whose clinic timings do not match your schedule, chances are you might put your follow up visits on hold indefinitely. That can be catastrophic. So, make sure the therapist/ counsellor is accessible. On that note, you may opt for online counselling or therapy sessions. They are as good as in-person sessions and save you the hassle of travelling all the way to the therapist’s office. You also have the independence of picking a time which is more convenient for you.

Another important point to keep in mind is comfort. You need to be comfortable pouring your heart out to the therapist. If you hold back on information, you stand to lose a lot. So it is a good idea to read up on your therapist beforehand and make sure you will be comfortable, considering the therapist’s age, gender, ethnicity etc.
One quality of a therapist most people look for is approachability. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want during the sessions. Understand the problem you are facing and work out the solution together with your therapist. The top counsellor and mental health therapist in Kolkata for you would be someone who listens carefully during all sessions, explains the illness and the rationale for therapy and includes you and your family/friends in the treatment planning.

Hope you find yourself the top counsellor and mental health therapist in Kolkata most suited for your cause. Happy recovery!