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Dr. Debasmita Dey

A perfectly boring afternoon. The lockdown and the seething heat. As I stared out of the window at the isolated street below, all signs of life seemed to have evaporated. The news played in the background. Mounting death rates. Oxygens shortage. Life simply was not worth living, it seemed. I must have dozed off for a while. I opened my eyes to a breathtaking view. The twilight sky was lit up. Dazzling shades of vermillion and molten gold. A fiery red ball at the horizon. A flight of birds flew by. The coconut trees swayed in the distance, casting a black shadow across the golden tapestry behind. Suddenly, it hit me. I had lived another day to witness nature’s miracles. Tomorrow would bring new struggles. But today, at this moment, I was happy. I lingered for long, taking in the sheer glory, the beauty filling my soul with joy. As they say, my cup runneth over.